Monday, December 30, 2013


People only know my political blogs in St Maarten, but the rest 99% they know my videos,photos and blogs promoting St Maarten to millions around the world. As a citizen, I am allowed to blog and complain about the government, the system and corruption. I'm also allowed to blog about the great positive things about St Maarten. My political blogs have brought in millions yes, but everything else Videos/photos/blogs about vacationing, boating, Heineken Regatta, Carnival etc they've brought in OVER 100 MILLION views. So haters and critics put everything into perspective. Going to my political blogs are a choice, and there's a good chance you won't agree with my views, but to click is your choice, and I simply would not be an internet success without you. 
Happy New Years 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013

vegetarian vegan eating in st maarten The Vegetarian Club on A Th. Illidge Road

I couldn't stay long enough to get photos of the food, I was busy running around, but I have tried the patties and roti when he was selling his food down by the Boardwalk, at Ali's Tru Roots. I was at Ali's and not at all interested in anything vegetarian or vegan. He brougth some veggies patties, and I was very reluctant to try, because to me a veggie pattie makes no sense. It was very good, I guess they use Ital or Soy to replace the meat. And it is very well seasoned, so it fooled me into thinking that it was more than vegan, but it wasn't. These guys don't have the average vegetarian meals, because they don't just put the food together. Like most Caribbean cooking there's a lot of marinating and seasoning going on behind the scenes, so when you do get your meal, it's unbelievably good. I'll be back to take photos of his patties etc 2014.
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